The immune system is powerful, and it may be powerful enough to destroy tumors.


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Empowering the Body's Immune System.

The human body is a wonder of evolution, yet we're still plagued by disease and illness. Immudicon believes our own bodies have the power to fight even the most deadly diseases, we just need to show it how. Started from the work of a sophomore in high school, our company is on a mission to maximize the potential of the human immune system.

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Meet our Founder
Riley Ennis

In high school, Riley worked for three years on a cancer vaccine that teaches the immune cells of the body to recognize and remove tumors. He worked to receive over $10,000 in initial funding to start Immudicon, and the vaccine has been recognized by the Intel International Science Fair, BIO Convention’s BioGENEius Challenge, AXA Equitable Achievement Award, National Young Inventors Gallery, and the Virginia Academy of Science.